Sherlock (TV Series)

Seasons 1-4 : Each season has 3 episodes.

Duration : Each episode is of  90 mins approximately. (It may seem long but every minute is worth it, believe me.)

Cast : Benedict Cumberbatch (as Sherlock Holmes), Martin Freeman (as Dr. John Watson), Mark Gatiss ( as Mycroft Holmes), Amanda Abbington (as Mary Morstan), Andrew Scott ( as Professor Moriarty), Louise Brealey (as Molly Hooper), Una Stubbs (as Mrs. Hudson), Rupert Graves (as Inspector Lestrade).

Overview :  For those who have already read the series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and liked it, this show is a must watch. For those who have never heard the name Sherlock, this series will change your life.

What to Expect? – Sherlock is a modern day interpretation of the famous books, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It is a story of a consulting detective (only one in the world having invented the job) played by Benedict Cumberbatch (a.k.a hottie, and I’m definitely not biased) who solves eccentric crimes and is joined by Dr. John Watson, a former army doctor, played by Martin Freeman. Then comes, Mrs. Hudson (my favourite character from the show, who is also the funniest) the quirky landlady of their flat at 221B Baker Street, everything set in the 21st Century London.

The series is a fast paced thriller-crime-mystery-drama show , each episode having an unique and brilliant plot. The dialogues, the screenplay, the quality of writing, the direction, all are at the utmost level of perfection.

Level of Recommendation : 10 out of 10 definitely. The fans of Sherlock Holmes could not have asked for a better adaptation and I’m saying this because I’m one of them.

It is worth every second you spend watching it. Also, if you do watch all the four seasons and are rooting for more, there is also a Christmas Special episode titled, The Abominable Bride which is just as awesome.

“The Game is on”

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